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L'Eglise Sainte Marie de l'Assomption - Dans les environs

remarkable area...

With its six departments, Cher, Eure-et-Loire, Indre, Indre-et-Loire, Loiret and Loir et Cher, the Loire Valley region makes you discover villages of charm which succeed to towns of Art and History.

From prehistory to the Renaissance, from Middle-Age to the XIX century, many events of the French history were played in this area, cradle of the Royalty.

The Loire reserves the surprises of his facetious temperament to you. The many castles which border its course recall you that this river has always charmed this world wealthiest ones.

You may dawdle among parks alleys and gardens (Apremont-sur-Allier; Drulon, etc…) or enjoy famous wines (Sancerre, Chinon, Menetou-Salon, Pouilly or discover the richness of a craft industry which sometimes exceeded the national borders, (basket-making, Gien earthenware Briare enamels…) and will appreciate all the facets of the craft industry in the Loire Valley region.

You will also approach closely its abundant nature which by natural inheritance is one of richest and of the most diversified in France.

Do not be long any more in coming to discover at the time of your next holidays, this Loire Valley area, classified with the world inheritance of UNESCO in November 2000.

 The Holy Church Marie of the Assumption at Garigny

At the origin, this early Romanesque church was deprived of side chapels, which have been built thereafter, one in 1560, said Sacred Heart ; the other in 1869 dedicated to Saint Roch.

One can think that at this epoch a scallop shell (Saint Jacob emblem) has been placed on the right of the altar.

The church romanesque XIth century gate is classified since 1913.

The double perfect romanesque semicircular arch, is supported by four pillars surmounted of curved mouldings. Five post-Romanesque grimacing faces are carved on the corbels intending to frighten the forces of the evil.

All is elegance and simplicity in this gate whose purity of style was not affected by a tympanum. In the church one discovers a wooden cradle ceiling and a gallery which one reaches by an abrupt ladder. The XIXth century baptistery with a gothic statue of Saint John the baptist is facing a polychrome statue of the virgin to the child-king.

The transept ends in a square supported by columns imbedded on splash plates decorated with modest elegant frescos which appear contemporary. The biblical scenes of the capitals are not very ostentatious.

In the vault one notes the presence of an allegorical painting of the miraculous rise of the virgin, and a statue of holy John of Arc softer and feminine that warlike. A whole with Sainte Solange and the Virgin Mary to celebrate the devotion to Holy Mary with what the woman is able to bring of modesty and simplicity.

The Saint-Jacob shell comes to point out the persistence of the faith in the effort and the test.

In the surroundings...

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